Here is a first list of the tools I use, clicking on the product name, you will find the product directly on Amazon.

The performance of this cordless drill is astounding as the battery life. Let's say that for me it has quickly become an expendable and an accessory that will surely accompany me in all the work in the workshop. 
Highly recommended!

To date it is a very good compromise quality price, it is really a good room. We used it for the trip to Morocco and the video is really nice.

Compared to the 5 above it's another world, its strengths compared to the 5 are for sure the colors that are much more well defined and less prone to gray, while the digital stabilizer, it's a crazy thing. Something I didn't know: if you don't use original batteries, some things are stuck, I haven't found out what yet, but that's the message you'll get by turning it on.

My first drone, I got it used by an acquaintance, and I have to say I got some really good footage.