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Travel 2023​​​​​​​

NEW September - October 2023

3 weeks
September - October 2023

Numbers of the trip
approx. 2300Km of which 200/300Km are dunes.

Travel 2022​​​​​​​

In spite of the covid and various limitations, we managed to spend two weeks in Slovenia and Croatia.

Travel 2021


September 2021

First test trip with Merllino
About 1600km

Where we have been

Black Forest

September 2019

Numbers of the trip
Approx. 1,000 km

Lake Como

30 May - 02 April 2019

Trip numbers:
350 Km

Where I have been


15 December 2018 - 12 January 2019

Trip numbers:
3,671 km
50% on / 50% off


I was quite sceptical about Livigno, as it is a very touristy place, I was convinced that it was a touristy place that just eats money, but I had to change my mind, if you go with the right person, who knows the strategic places, you are really well off

Slovenia - Croatia

We set off in the direction of Slovenia and then descended to Croatia.
Pictured is Lake Bled, north of Slovenia.

Numbers of the trip:
1,400 km approx.
100% onroad

Rust - Switzerland

To prepare and test my truck for the two weeks in June, we did this week's run-in, in fact, we did 505km, Lignieres, Rust (D), Solothurn, Gampelen and finally Estavayer-le-lac.
Photos will follow, as will the dedicated page shortly.

Turin - Corsica

On the weekend of 19 and 20 July before our departure, we were in Turin, for the Val Pellice 4x4 rally.
On Sunday, 20 July, we embarked in Genoa in the direction of Bastia. Once we arrived, we started our tour in a northerly direction towards Rogliano, Centuri and then down towards San Fiorenzo. From there we headed towards the Des Agriates desert and then southwards through the Alta Corsica National Park, reaching Ajaccio, before heading back north.
Finally, we embarked again in Bastia in the direction of Genoa. In all, we did about 500km of tracks all over the island for a total of 1600km, in 9 days.

Future travels


To be notified
Probably 2024

Spain - Pyrenees

To be notified

The idea is to drive a route already recorded by an off-roader, which I contacted to get some information on the dimensions of the roads. In fact, having a 2.50m wide truck some passages might be narrow, we will be surprised.

Numbers of the trip
1,500 km
60% on / 40% off


To be notified

A country that has a lot to offer with its stunning landscapes. Romania is also known as the nation of wolves and bears.


To be notified

Dakar (Senegal)

To be notified